Sunday, August 28, 2011

Excerpt 20110828

[A stencil of a recorded sense following the cleaning of the female bathroom]

Being a male, when I sense a woman's blood through my perceptive smell, I display a physical reaction of disgust. I know little of what pheromones are, but through cognition, I can develop an adaptive comprehension through observations because of the symbiosis of visual perception and deductive comprehension, with such concluding that regardless of attraction to the pheromones of the opposite gender, the latter is overridden by disgust in relation to the veritably grotesque smell. I desire to first put a focus on the word "perception". I assume some people develop different perspectives of the word perception (though, not all people, I assume) as with any word, possibly limiting the word to defining visual senses alone, or, defining a collection of every physical human sense. With as many people as there are perspectives of such words, the varying definitions are limitless. My perspective of perception's definition is still adapting and still evolving. I think perception involves every physical human sense with influence of cognition as well as deductive comprehension. Cognition, which seems to be purely or practically adaptive, may be interchangeable with deductive comprehension.

Commentary for Excerpt 0828:
After reviewing what I had written, I had listed my terms for understanding and mental processing. If you critically think about my excerpt after reading it, you can figure that I mixed some of the terms. "Cognitive deduction", "Deductive Comprehension", "Adaptive Perception", ect, are of my own defining. For example, a college graduate may be in a situation or problem that they may recognize because of knowledge that they had comprehended in a previous class. Using deductive cognition, they process a solution because of their comprehension of the matter. In a varied, but similar situation, they can apply their adaptive perception in symbiosis with their comprehension to aid in a more beneficial cognitive deduction for either a short-term solution, or if more critical thought is applied, then a long-term solution is carried out for their problem.

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