Sunday, August 28, 2011

Marriage Knowledge

If you contrast the conflict theory of marriage with today's gender progression, it seems that a marriage tends to be more equal when the relationship between husband and wife is no longer based on power and dominance. If one husband forces his wife to be a stay-at-home mom while he brings home the paycheck, the chances of divorce and separation are highly possible (not counting the variable of religious dominance/fundamentalism), which would be fortunate in my opinion. If another husband reasons that the wife is just as capable with potential as the male, the wife has the free will for career and education, providing for a egalitarian relationship that would flourish and reap the better benefit for a society that applies strong focus for the family. Through different perspectives, politically speaking, we do not need Conservative or Liberal dominance, but rather a continued mix. If there is Conservative dominance in America, the Marxist perspective of the family idea in America in conjunction through a capitalist economy will forever be accurate, forcing America to digress more rapidly than without Liberals. With an equal mix of Con/Lib, conflicting ideas will possibly breed new ideas and varying solutions for problems in our country. The family plays a more complex part in America than one may believe.

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