Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sharing Our Defenses?

Upon reading a few articles in DefenseNews, the fact that other countries want our technology concerning attack and defense seems frightening in the slightest. Australia wants to buy F-35's, Taiwan wants our F-16's, and Israel has a wishlist. Our Government needs to have a lesser concern with money, and a focus on budgets so we would not have to resort to selling destructive possibilities. If America can progress defensive technologies, then I am sure that other countries are progressing their tech, or have the potential thereof, in which we then have a chance of having the better defense. Although I think we should keep our own defenses, sharing or training, or maybe even establishing more bases for foreign training may also help. Personally, I think if we were to openly conform to what Israel wants, that action may be a catalyst for another war in which we will be involved.

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